It's very simple!

Try my Cash Cover with Card Holders................and you will never go back to a conventional wallet again!



It really is simple.  Your drivers license and important cards are held in place by the card holders.  Place your folded cash between them and close, using the o-ring to keep everything safe and secure.  For maximum safety and comfort carry it in your front pocket.  The ultra slim and thin design is the perfect combination of comfort and beauty. 

Not just for men, it lends itself to an easy carry by everyone wanting to travel light.

My wife and her friends love theirs!


If for any reason you do not like your purchase contact me for a full refund.  You have absolutely nothing to lose and as I said above, you will never go back to a conventional wallet.

This auction is for the eBay "Pictured" item as shown....the actual item you will receive.